TMC Engineering Ltd. is proud to have won a coveted 2019 Master Builder Award for the its Consolidated Water R/O Facility.  We graciously thank all of our clients and our employees who have worked hard together to achieve this!

We are proud to consistently be a Top Builder, and have won many awards over the years.  We currently have a seat on the Presidential Advisory Council which allows us to convey directly to Star Buildings (and the Cornerstone parent company) exactly what we are seeing in the construction market and what we need to be successful.

Every year, the Master Builder program accepts submissions from Star Builders which are evaluated and the winners of various categories are announced.  Building use categories include commercial, churches, auto dealerships, large and small warehouses, multi-story, manufacturing, hangars, and more.  Each region also has an overall winner – this year TMC won the best of the South Florida & Caribbean District, which of course includes the islands of the Bahamas.

We continued in 2020 with projects across the islands.  The first half of our year was spent completing projects before the Covid-19 pandemic effected business and construction in the Bahamas and around the world.  We finished MacFit360‘s new gym facility near Bahamar.  We completed the Phase 1 renovation of Commonwealth Brewery (home of Kalik).  We installed a Star Building for Bahamas Aluminum & Nassau Glass, and we wrapped up a general construction project for Cartwright’s Bedding.  We erected buildings for a storage facility near Lyford Cay.  We worked on the Lightbourne Holdings warehouse and Jimmie’s Liquor Store on East Bay Street.  We also provided and installed a steel building in Norman’s Cay and a VersaTube building for Highbourne Cay, both projects located in the Exuma Cays.  We retrofitted a leaking metal roof in Georgetown, Exuma using Retro-R panels and new trim.  We completed a steel building for an autobody shop and started the installation of a custom paint booth.

Steel Building Gym Bahamas

We spent some time on maintenance for existing facilities – overhead doors, freezer doors, gutters and downspouts to name a few items.  We will end the year with new projects for expanding an existing steel building for a manufacturing facility and providing a temporary metal building structure for use in the tourism industry here in the Bahamas.  The facility will be used to help stop the spread of the coronavirus at one of our ports.


As we move further into 2020 and into 2021, we look forward to installing projects that have been put temporarily on hold – a renovation facility for a waste company, and new buildings for an FBO aviation facility on one of our beautiful family islands.

Most importantly, we are staying safe and following government protocols and look forward to the world getting back to normal.  We wish everyone all the best for the end of the year and for 2021!