Winter is the best time to buy!  

Especially in the Bahamas & The Caribbean!

I’m not talking about Christmas presents (although your business may thank you!), I’m referring to a pre-engineered steel building structure.  Why you may ask?

  1. Factory loading tends to be lighter – projects in northern climates are usually rushed before or put off until after the severe winter weather.
  2. Steel prices trend lower – due to less factory demand, the overall price of raw steel usually drops
  3. Engineering & drafting are usually less busy – and wanting the work
  4. Shipping deals can be found in January/February after the holiday rush

Overall, now is a great time to invest in a warehouse or retail structure to expand your company.  Contact us here at TMC Engineering to see how we can get your project purchased, shipped and installed more cost effectively than any other US or Bahamian supplier.

We look forward to working with you in 2016, and wish you all the best for the 2015 Holidays!

Lee McCoy