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Escape Room Nassau Bahamas

Escape Room Opens in Nassau

3 / 01 / 2019 / 0 comments

Blackbeard’s Escape is now officially open in Nassau!   The new downtown experience is located in the Pirates of Nassau Museum. The concept is simple – you and up to 7 others – are placed in a room. Blackbeard’s hideout, to…

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Solar Panels on Steel Buildings

31 / 12 / 2018 / 0 comments

When designing a steel building, or any other type of building for that matter, there are many factors to consider.  One question that has come up more frequently is the installation of solar panels, whether as part of the project…

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Is Freedom Steel a Steal of a Deal?

7 / 11 / 2018 / 0 comments

As they old adage goes, “if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.” As of 2021, Freedom Steel has closed their doors, disabled their phones, removed their website, and refused to answer emails.   They have taken their…

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Thoughts During Hurricane Season 2018

6 / 08 / 2018 / 0 comments

As we enter into the second official month of the 2018 hurricane season, a few thoughts cross my mind. Are our previously installed metal buildings ready to take the brunt of hurricane force winds and storm driven rain? Are our…

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CWCO Installation Underway

25 / 05 / 2018 / 0 comments

The installation of the Star Building system for Consolidated Water (Bahamas) Ltd. is approximately 50% complete.  The galvanized main frames & girts have been installed and the exterior wall sheeting is complete.  The 24ga PBR wall sheets are insulated with…

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TMC Attends Star Buildings’ PAC in Jamaica

24 / 04 / 2018 / 0 comments

TMC Engineering was present at the Spring 2018 meeting of the President’s Advisory Council (PAC).  The council meets twice a year to discuss the company standing as well as to help improve the metal building products and offerings. President of…

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Steel Building Installers Nassau

2017 Christmas Excursion

23 / 12 / 2017 / 0 comments

The staff of TMC Engineering had a unique Christmas party onboard a Spanish Wells excursion by sister company Harbour Safaris.  The all-Bahamian construction crew was treated to a full day aboard the charter vessel “Temptress”, a 32’ World Cat luxury…

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Bahamas Building Code & Wind Speeds

1 / 12 / 2017 / 0 comments

The Bahamas Building Code was written in 2003.  Essentially, the code is 15 years old. A lot has happened in the world of building codes, most notably the IBC – International Building Code. Previously, steel buildings were allowed by the…

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The Five B’s of the Building Process

14 / 06 / 2017 / 0 comments

Otherwise known as a million questions your builder will need to ask. There aren’t just a lot of things your builder needs to know when launching a building project. There are a lot of things you may not even know…

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Steel Buildings Bahamas

Installation Begins on Aetos Holdings

8 / 04 / 2017 / 0 comments

Installation on our newest project has begun and continues!  This 325′ x 100′ x 32′ Star Building System is a complete package supplied by TMC – frames, wall panels, roof panels, insulation, building accessories, loading dock systems & more! The building…

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TMC & Star Buildings vs Freedom Steel

13 / 03 / 2017 / 0 comments

Shopping for the best steel building price? Make sure you compare your final costs of the project versus the initial US cost.  TMC can save you more than 15% by shopping local! TMC Engineering Ltd. is a 100% Bahamian, award winning Star…

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