The installation of the Star Building system for Consolidated Water (Bahamas) Ltd. is approximately 50% complete.  The galvanized main frames & girts have been installed and the exterior wall sheeting is complete.  The 24ga PBR wall sheets are insulated with a 6″ fiberglass faced insulation system.

The MCC room, the small lean-to addition to the main building, is undergoing installation of the reverse osmosis control equipment.  If you watch closely, you can see the equipment being lifted by crane at about 3:20 and then the small building sealed in.

The RO membranes will be hoisted in through the roof on the Western side.  The PBR roof will then begin and enclose the building completely.

Similarly, the engine trains will be hoisted in through the Eastern side of the roof, and an overhead gantry crane will provide easy access for maintenance.

The entry doors and stainless-steel overhead doors will be installed next, along with the hurricane-rated louvers.  TMC supplies and installs a myriad of accessories to outfit any steel building project.

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