When you purchase a pre-fab metal building, you and your design team should be aware of what is known as the “steel reference line”.  This line is, by Star Buildings’ definition, the outside of the girts.  This location will vary based upon if you have flush girts, 1″ outset girts, or exterior girts.

Knowing where this falls will effect the interaction between the metal wall panels and the slab or masonry wall below them, and could make the difference between a properly installed building and a field-modified job.  There are many different base conditions for attaching the panels also, including galvanized angle, angle w/trim, tubes, girts, and c-channels.  In addition there is the option for a concrete notch, which must be formed into the slab before pouring.  And lastly, you can use foam rubber closures to ensure insects, rodents, and other pests don’t enter the building.

TMC knows all of the ins and outs of steel building construction, and can coordinate with your architects, engineers, and general contractor to ensure the building is ordered and installed properly.  Contact us today for a free consultation!

Our district representative, Marty Hooks, discusses this in more detail:

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