• TMC Engineering Ltd.

Suez – Eleuthera

Client: Suez

Purpose: Reverse Osmosis Water Production for Eleuthera

Role:  Metal Building Design, Supply, Install

Year:  2017/2018/2019

Star Building Systems

  • 63’2″ x 75’0″ x 16’7″

  • Galvanized Main Frames & Seconday Framing

  • 1/12 Roof Slope

  • 22ga DoubleLok Standing Seam Roof w/6″ R-19 insulation

  • Angle Bracing & Portal Frames

  • PBR Wall Panels w/4″ R-13 insulation

  • Kynar White Roof Panels

  • Hurricane Rated DBCI Overhead Doors

  • Miami-Dade Rated 3’x7′ Entry Doors

Freestanding Mezzanine

  • 26’8″ x 9’8″ x 7’8″

  • Fuly Galvanized

  • Bar Grating & Handrails

  • IBC Compliant Stairs

  • Full Design & Installation

This was an interesting project, as due to site constraints the building was delivered to site almost 2 years before it was installed.  The fully galvanized building as well as the factory packed materials were in great shape when installed!