• TMC Engineering Ltd.


Most clients already know they have a problem with their existing steel building – typical problems include:
  • Leaky Roof
  • Torn insulation
  • Leaking gutters and downspouts
  • Rusted out panels
  • Damaged wall or roof panels
  • Damaged or missing trim

We provide a free inspection of the current condition of any type of steel building or metal roof system.  We will then put together an estimate to repair or replace the parts of the system as needed.

Each renovation project is unique.  If a small repair is needed, we can often fix it within a day or two.  If the required repairs are significant, we can order new materials to replace the old ones and have them delivered rapidly and cost-effectively.

When refurbishing old structures, we can update any building to modern standards by revising the framing, adding accessories such as louvers and univents, updating the colours to your desired colour scheme, adding a new extension, and a variety of other techniques to return your building to its original pristine condition.

Don’t wait until the rainy season!  Contact us today to see how we can help return your building to top shape!