We are currently still experiencing price increases and extended lead times.  Right now major manufacturers such as Butler, Nurcor, Varco Pruden (VP), and others are 30+ weeks out for a building delivery from order.  Star Buildings is currently ~28 weeks.

Don’t be fooled by unscrupulous metal building brokers (such as Freedom Steel) – there is no way to “lock in the price of steel” other than placing your order completely and for fabrication.

TMC Engineering can fully design and specify all the items needed in your building to ensure a timely and cost-effective purchase and delivery of your steel building project.  We work throughout the Bahamas and the Caribbean, and are up to date with the building codes and energy codes for the area to make sure there are no delays in getting permits for your new building.

We design from the minimum hurricane wind speed ratings (180mph in the Bahamas) to over 200mph for custom secure facilities.  We can use Miami-Dade and Florida rated roof and wall panels and wind-rated accessories such as entry doors, overhead doors, windows and louvers.

We also work with another custom steel building manufacturer that can offer lead times of 12 weeks or less depending on the complexity of the project – this does incur a price premium over Star, however.  They are also subject to industry wide price increases and shortages as is everyone else.

Here is a summary of an update from Star Buildings President, Matt Ackley:

June 7, 2021

The global steel market continues to experience material cost increases and supply shortages, putting continued cost pressure on the metal buildings industry. This requires us to make necessary adjustments, which will include updates to the Fastar and SBS programs effective June 11, 2021. 

Existing Production Purchase Orders (Scheduled for Fabrication)

Any projects that have already been accepted and are currently in our scheduled backlog will be processed and price protected. However, if a change is requested on or after June 11, 2021 that affects the current schedule or the project scope, the project will be updated to new pricing levels.

Existing Permit Only and Approval Purchase Orders (Not Yet Scheduled for Fabrication)

Permit Only and Approval purchase orders must be released for fabrication within five business days of the original submittal drawing date. If it has been over five days, the project must be brought to current price levels. Submittals returned after five days will be brought to current pricing levels.

Quotes and Production Purchase Orders (Not Yet Scheduled)

Quotes are valid for five days and will be accepted as long as the orders are placed before June 11, 2021 and the project scope has not changed. Projects with scope changes will be brought to current pricing levels. Requested delivery dates must be accepted with current lead-times.

New Permit Only or Approval Purchase Orders (Not Yet Scheduled)

With the significance of these increases and the likelihood of additional increases, please discuss the project timing with your district manager.

Projects On-Hold

As standard policy, projects currently on-hold will be brought to new pricing levels upon release for fabrication. All delivery dates must be accepted with current lead-times.

We know these continued market fluctuations are disruptive and we thank you for your understanding. During this continued volatility, we strongly encourage you to practice pricing diligence to protect you and your customers. Please know your business and partnership on each and every project are appreciated. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.