Shopping for the best steel building price? Make sure you compare your final costs of the project versus the initial US cost.  TMC can save you more than 15% by shopping local!

TMC Engineering Ltd. is a 100% Bahamian, award winning Star Buildings distributor.  Be sure to check out our Projects Page as well as ask for references from any of our clients.

There are many benefits to using a local steel building contractor:

  • Knowledge – TMC is up to date on all the local building codes and practices in the Bahamas.
  • Experience – TMC has extensive experience installing metal buildings in Nassau and throughout the Family Islands.
  • Warranty – TMC provides factory warranties on all of our products as well as a one-year installation warranty.
  • Support – TMC has the parts and experience to support your building down the road – no matter what comes up.
  • Factory Support – TMC is an authorized Star Buildings distributor – meaning you have 90 Years of experience behind your project.
  • Local – TMC is always available to talk about your project – no matter what stage in your project you may be.
  • Bahamian – TMC is 100% Bahamian – meaning your money employs Bahamians, support families, and stays in the Bahamas!

The table below compares pricing of a project purchased through your local builder vs one purchased from an internet re-seller from abroad.  Be sure to check out the bottom line price and the notes below to see how we compared the two metal building providers.

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  • We assumed that a 15% markup would be made by either TMC or Freedom Steel.  This is an arbitrary number for a comparison.
  • The US Cost is in US$, and the total exchange rate is evaluated at 3% including bank fees.
  • Shipping is factory direct for TMC Engineering.  This means we can pack our flatracks and containers more efficiently and properly at the factory.  It also means we don’t have to transload your shipment at your freight forwarder.  This saves on the number of containers as well as prevents unnecessary damage of the materials.
  • Duty is calculated at 45% of the US Cost.  TMC can save you even more here, as there are various duty rates for different parts of the building.
  • All VAT is calculated at 7.5%
  • Delivery to site is cheaper by TMC, as there are only 3 containers to deliver as opposed to 4.
  • Erection is priced at 25% more by an unknown contractor – TMC provides all of their erection, tools, scaffolding and crane usage in house, saving on the overall installation cost.  Our experienced team is more efficient and faster at installing metal buildings and will save you time on your schedule.

When you’re ready to discuss your building project, please visit our Contact Page to get in touch today!