TMC Engineering was present at the Spring 2018 meeting of the President’s Advisory Council (PAC).  The council meets twice a year to discuss the company standing as well as to help improve the metal building products and offerings.

President of TMC, Lee McCoy is the co-chair of the Marketing team, along with Star Building’s Marketing Manager Jeff Koos.  A handful of other elite builders from around the United States make up the remainder of the team.  Items of consideration are external marketing factors, social media influence, and internal marketing – how to get Star Builders more aware of the product offerings and how to use them.

Other teams within the PAC consider products, automation & pricing, and service.  Overall the goal of the meetings are to improve the design, engineering, estimating, production, shipping and installation of the steel buildings provided by Star.

The PAC members are hand picked by the President of Star Buildings, David Alexander.  The builders represent the best of the various regions represented across the USA.  Regional Manager Marty Hooks oversees the South-East and Caribbean districts, including the Bahamas.

The semi-annual meeting took place in Montego Bay, Jamaica – McCoy pushed the PAC to consider the Bahamas as an option for a future Sales meeting or PAC meeting.